Crossroads Donkey Rescue

We are dedicated to helping abused and neglected donkeys throughout Michigan and the Midwest Region.

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Above:  Poncho before care from Crossroads Donkey Rescue.


Above:  Poncho after receiving care from Crossroads Donkey Rescue.

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Mission Statement:

Crossroads Donkey Rescue is a Michigan non-profit organization that is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of abused, neglected, or unwanted donkeys and place them in permanent loving homes. Through our organization, we hope to promote the humane care and proper training of these long ears and to provide the public with a better understanding of their true nature.

Why Donkeys?

So many people's first reaction is to chuckle when they hear that we have formed a donkey rescue, and ask, "why donkeys?"  Donkeys are the forgotten equine. What most people don't realize is that not only can donkeys be faithful companions, but they can also be useful as pack animals, pulling carts or as dependable riding mounts. They also are being used throughout the United States as guardian animals to sheep and other livestock, for protection from predators. Donkeys are a very versatile animal and we hope that our organization is able to promote their versatility.