Crossroads Donkey Rescue

We are dedicated to helping abused and neglected donkeys throughout Michigan and the Midwest Region.

Crossroads Donkey Rescue Membership:

It's all about belonging. To be a part of something. Are you looking for that perfect club to join or be part of? Why not think Donkey. We need members to join us in our rescue of the Donkey.
It's fun to be part of our Donkey Rescue:
We always need a hand transporting animals and volunteers to work the booth at the expo and clinics, and foster homes.  Won't you take that step to get involved with something that will make you feel good year around.

Our Donkeys Need Your Help:

Crossroads Donkey Rescue has been able to save abused, neglected donkeys with the help of dedicated volunteers and the financial assistance of some very generous members. Some of our rescues have needed extensive medical attention and we would not have been able to afford to help them without our members' support. Most donkeys we encounter need vaccinations, hoof trimming, and basic medical attention (which is very expensive). For a donation of $20.00, you can become a member of Crossroads Donkey Rescue and help us help those donkeys in need. 
As a member you will receive our newsletter informing you on our progress and the progress of our rescued animals. If you are interested, please download and fill out the form below and send it to the address listed. Thank you so much for your interest.